About the CRN

The UCL-Cuba Research Network (CRN) brings together researchers from across UCL who are working on research projects in collaboration with Cuban partners across all disciplines, or share an interest in Cuban history, economy and society. The CRN provides a forum to improve interaction and dissemination of information, and foster sharing of research and academic discussion.

Research collaboration

The CRN fosters collaboration between UCL academics and researchers and Cuban partners across all disciplines. It supports current projects, and helps to build the networks that create new ones.

In its work to develop UCL-Cuban research collaboration, the CRN is linked with the University of West London’s Transnational Knowledge Network.

Research on Cuba

The CRN includes academics at UCL and in Cuba engaged in research on Cuba’s history, society and economy.

On this, it is  working alongside the Nottingham University-based Centre for Research on Cuba (CRC), which acts as a UK focal point for Cuba studies (through the Cuba Research Forum) and national network for researchers, disseminating academic information from and on Cuba, hosting the Hennessy collection of Cuban periodicals, and organising regular research conferences in the UK and Cuba.

The CRN is open to collaboration with other UK and European universities with research programmes on Cuba.