Workshop on Transport and Health, Havana

In January 2019, UCL’s Global Engagement Fund enabled Jenny Mindell, UCL Professor of Public Health, to organise a seminar and workshop in Havana, in collaboration with Cuba’s Instituto Nacional de Higiene, Epidemiologia y Microbiologia (INHEM), on Transport and Health. The three-day event was attended by representatives from the Ministries of Transport and Health, National Institute of Meteorology, and other universities and local institutions. The Havana office of the Pan American Health Organization hosted the third day’s workshop.

The visit enabled Jenny, with Nicolas Aguilar who attended from Chile (Universidad de la Frontera) and Henry Hernandez from the University of Costa Rica, to build the Latin American network on mobility, well-being and health (Movilidad por el Bienestar y Salud en Latinoamerica, MoBiSaL).

At the seminar Emily Morris, of the UCL Institute of the Americas, also presented initial results of research on transport and health in Havana, and strengthened UCL-Cuba collaboration in this work.